Trust Accounts

As a free service to our Members, we offer two types of Trust accounts to help you set aside assets for a loved one.

Living Trust accounts are owned by a separate entity - the trust itself, not by individual members. LBS Financial simply serves as the 'depository' for the trust, which means we hold the funds for the trust, and allow the trustees to deposit or withdraw money from the account.

A Pay-on-Death Trust account is similar to regular trust accounts, except that the trust is owned by the individual members, has a named beneficiary, and the beneficiary can be changed at any time. Funds are transferred to the named beneficiary only upon the death of the owner or owners of the account.

Both are insured by NCUSIF to at least $250,000 for each qualified beneficiary (such as any natural person, charity or non-profit under the Internal Revenue Code). To learn more about Trust Accounts, please click here to access our contact information.



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