Fraud Protection Systems for Debit Cards

As your trusted neighbor for over 83 years, we’re always looking for ways to protect your accounts.

There continues to be news about compromised cards and plastic card (ATM, debit and credit card) fraud. As criminals become more sophisticated, the need to protect your account becomes greater. Your Credit Union has systems in place to help prevent fraud and protect your account(s).

For PIN Transactions:

  • We review every transaction that takes place with your ATM or Visa card.
  • If a transaction is made that falls outside of your normal spending patterns, it is sent to our fraud protection team for review and analysis.
  • If the transaction looks suspicious, our fraud team will attempt to text or call you (depending on contact information on file with us) to verify the legitimacy of the charge.
  • A temporary block may be placed on your card to prevent additional transactions from being made until we hear from you.

For Signature Transaction:

  • Every Visa signature transaction is reviewed by our fraud team before an authorization is granted.
  • In some instances, you may be declined at the merchant location if the activity is considered extremely suspicious. With a simple call to our Member Service Call Center, we’ll validate the transaction and allow you to continue shopping immediately.

Update LBS Financial with Your Current Information and Travel Plans

Since we will attempt to contact you regarding suspicious activity, please make sure we have current telephone numbers for you, both during day time and evening hours. If you have a cell phone number where we can easily contact you, please take the time to provide that number to us. If you are planning a trip, please let us know the dates and places of your travel ahead of time so we can notate your file.

We hope you will enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your card carries the latest state-of-the-art security features.

If your card is blocked or declined due to our Fraud Protection System, please respond back to the text, email or call from our Fraud Department to unblock your card. You may also call the Credit Union directly during business hours at 800.527.3328.


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